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Feb 17, 2007
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I have read from some sites that say iron oxide provide visible light as well as uv light protection. is it true???

I wondered this too, so I just did a google search and saw several articles that named Titanium, Zinc and Iron Oxides as offering very good protection from the sun. I do think that Zinc Oxide provides the best protection though.

yea i agree with the zinc

but some sites also say iron oxide provides only visible light protection so i m not sure

I think the mineral ingredients don't give as strong sun protection as proper sunscreen though.

i have only tried JI, but for the last 2 weeks i have been sailing in the sun and it has been fantastic at protecting my face. no greasey gloopy runny sun cream ever again ....Yah!!!!!!

You have to be careful, you may not burn but you can still get skin cancer. something to do with the short wave and long wave of the sun. can't remember... but one causes burns and the other causes the big "C". make sure you're protected from both.

Experts seem to agree that while MMU sun protection (aside from SPF) is nice, it's still better to have something with SPF in it. I use an SPF 15 moisturizer from Alba Organics.

I usually wear an SPF 15 moisturizer with titanium dioxide. I tried a MMU brand which lists titanium dioxide as its first ingredient, and it felt super heavy in my face. It feels ok, providing good coverage and controlling oil, skipping the SPF moisturizer, so at this point I am unsure whether the titanium dioxide in the MMU is enough and I can skip the SPF (considering I spend at most 40 minutes outside in the sun now that it gets dark at 4pm), or if I should try samples from a titanium dioxide free MMU to see how that works.

Originally Posted by jandi /img/forum/go_quote.gif ... so at this point I am unsure whether the titanium dioxide in the MMU is enough and I can skip the SPF (considering I spend at most 40 minutes outside in the sun now that it gets dark at 4pm) In my opinion, you are probably more at risk for not getting sufficient sunlight exposure, especially since you're not out in the sun very much, and you're in Canada in the winter.
Sunlight is very important as it allows your body to create the forms of Vit D it needs and which research suggests will protect you from many forms of cancer. Skin cancer has skyrocketed since the constant campaign to use toxic chemical sunscreens.

Of course, if you are close to the equator, or live somewhere like Australia where the ozone layer offers less protection, don't have a protective tan, and you will be outside in the sun for more than a short duration... then you would likely benefit from a safe sunscreen (and perhaps some protective clothing and a hat of some sort if you're going to be out in strong sunlight for a very long duration.)

So many things pushed in the media and by corporate interests as being good for you are quite the opposite. But the truth is out there.

Well, I skipped the SPF moisturizer today, and my face feels far less cakey.

I started looking at information about Vitamin D and sunlight exposure, and it is all so confusing. On one side, we need enough sunlight to get our dose of Vitamin D (I am taking a multivitamin complement per doctor recommendation, and it does contain Vitamin D), on other hand, too much exposure might cause cancer.

Funny thing is that I am originally from Mexico, yet lack any sort of skin coloring that would allow me to spend more than 10 minutes in sunlight before burning.

i suppose that is it far better to be safe than sorry. think i will put on suncream instead of moisturiser under my MMU.

that way i know that i am getting the protection, but powder over the cream should stop it running or getting sweaty.... will let you know how i get on. we have just had tropical storm Olga through here so the sea has been too rough to go boating. saves my skin a bit i guess!

i am going to put suncream under my MMU so that i get the protection but not the greasy feeling! will let you know how it works out! i crave the sun, but i am so lucky living in the virgin islands, so its sunny all year round. do have to be really careful about skin cancer, its so easy to overdo the sunshine.