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Sep 11, 2007
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Anyone can recommend SunBlock? for acne skin/open pores/oily like mine.

make up base with sunscreen ....etc....

What brand cater fot this type of skin.

my moisturizer only has UVA protection, so i use a sunscreen after, or my mineral foundation (SPF15). for the sunscreen, i am addicted to La roche Posay but basically any brand like Clarins, Vichy etc.. will do (i just tend buy more expensive susncreens because they work better than the less expensive versions).

Hi waterlily! Have you tried the latest from Sunplay - Water in UV? You can get a sample size from most Watsons or Guardian stores. It's light enough not to irritate my skin and it dries quite fast. I think the SPF only goes up to about 20 though.

I use VIVANT sunblock...the guy that came up with this line Dr. Fulton coinvented with someone else retin a and had something to do with the creation of benzoyl peroxide. I like it because it is light, doesn't leave my face shiny like others that make all your pimples visible.

I just think it could smell better.

I'm on accutane, and I use neostrata moisturizer, and Revlon light makeup (active) it has an spf of 25 and it works great and my skin looks amazing. No breakouts

Originally Posted by chococat123 /img/forum/go_quote.gif I use Neutrogena Dry Touch Sun block. I have combo oily skin. For some reason, it makes me matte and shine free all day AND protects my skin from sun as well. I use this as well. I very sensitive skin but it has never broken me out, provides enough moisture that I don't have to use a separate product, makes made skin smoother, and provides 25-75 spf depending on which product you choose. You can't go wrong with this one.