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thank you, I always try to start that way when I'm ready to curl my hair, but then I lose patience and my hair ends up frizzy and ugly

Originally Posted by MandiMoore87 /img/forum/go_quote.gif Thanks for posting this! I'm going to try it tomorrow, so wish me luck! :) Let us know how it woks for you.
The final result looks amazing!

She's lucky she has voluminous hair and a good lenght to work with. That's another reason why I'm trying to grow out my hair; long hair and curls always looks so glamourous.

God I love her tutorials...I'm going to attempt that tonight although my hair isn't as long as hers

i do my hair like this occasionally, when i have time. it is a pretty style. she does make it look easy. i guess it just takes practice!

when my hair was as long as the girl in the video it took 2 hours to get my hair curly..and that is when i went to a professional. I had super thick hair and it probably would've taken me half the day if i did it by myself.

Haha, I have always been hair-curling challenged. This video actually helped me to achieve curls that I actually like. With practice, I am actually becoming more proficient.


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