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Feb 10, 2004
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Anyone see the documentary "Super-Size Me" that recently came out on video? It's about that guy who ate only McDonald's food for 30 days, and he also analyzes America's eating habits and the school lunch program, among other things. I found it very informative and entertaining .... We rented it last night and if that doesn't inspire you to live healthier, nothing will!

Havent seen it but sounds interesting. I always enjoy watching documentaries. Hopefully it will come out on cable soon.

I haven't, but heard it's quite interesting. Must pick that up this week.

I haven't seen it either, it would probably make me queasy just to look at McDonalds food though, I can't even stand to drive by one and smell that stuff cooking.

I haven't seen it either yet... but maybe I should - it might keep away any temptations for McDonald's!!! Helloooooo Diet! .

I've heard about this documentary a lot and really wanna see it. I heard that the diet really affected his health adversely. A good reason for all of us to stay away from fast food especially huge portions.

Yep we watched it. That is GOOD Scarlette! I love it alot, but TRY to stay away

Originally Posted by Scarlette

I have only eaten McDonald's once in about 3 years. I will not go back there, the food has this addicting taste.

Originally Posted by Tony(admin) Yep we watched it. That is GOOD Scarlette! I love it alot, but TRY to stay away Yeah me too... it's hard though! Especially with that damn dollar menu & that it's pretty much the closest thing to work to go to on lunch! I've been good though! Haven't had my McChicken sandwich in about 2 months now!
But it's so friggin' goooood! Mmmmm Mayo!!!

Actually I don't really like most of McDonald's food, but I definitely have addictions to other fast foods (like Arby's Beef and Cheddar, and several items on the Taco Bell menu...)

My husband was very sad tonight that "Supersize Me" me didn't win the Oscar for Best Documentary, he thought it should have won.

I saw it, I thought it was really interesting how quickly his body just kinda...gave up! He was healthy before he started the experiment, but after he was a mess! It took him so long to lose the extra weight. It was fascinating.

Yes it is. It really does show how bad it is for you and how much weight you can gain from it

Originally Posted by chanel_addict

I really want to see this! Is this good inspiration to stay away from fast food? How gross is it?

Originally Posted by Tony(admin) Yes it is. It really does show how bad it is for you and how much weight you can gain from it And not just weight gain, but lots of other problems -- practically every aspect of the guy's health was affected. His cholesterol went through the roof, he had sexual side effects, decreased energy, liver functions went down -- toward the end of the 30 days the doctors were urging him to stop the experiment and telling him what to do if he experienced signs of a heart attack or liver failure! And this guys was very healthy before the experiment -- he saw the doctors before he started and none of them predicted that 30 days of McDonald's would be so bad for his health!
A definite must see. I saw it when it came out on dvd, but for some reason I missed this thread. I have definitely decreased my visits to the fast food restaurants (except today....I bought out my local Taco Bell). Maybe I need to watch it again.

I love this movie-so much so that we bought it. I love how the fries just stay the same while the other products break down. I think the part about the school lunches was a reality check as well.

I watched it and liked it too! It is scary that something that is so "everyday" like McDonald's will be so harmful to health!

It was such a big deal when it came out last year to the movies. The news was nothing new, but the way of showing the message was...


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