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Aug 17, 2007
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One day a top surgeon took his brand new Benz to the garage to be inspected. As he was waiting one of the mechanics waved for him to come over.

"What do you need?"

The mechanic looks at the surgeon and goes "Well doc...I took this engine apart, replaced at least ten different things, changed the oil out and added some modifications." The mechanic reaches in and turns the key, the car starts right up. "See that? She starts right back up and sounds better than when she came in here."

The surgeon looks at him and asks "Well..what did you need me for?"

The mechanic smiles and says to the surgeon "See doc, I don't think our jobs are that much different, like you I repair this vehicle and keep it living. Now tell me how you make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and I only make around $38,000."

The surgeon pauses, smiles and after a few seconds he leans in and says to the mechanic "Try doing all of that while the car is still running."




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