Swatches: Saucebox's Oh La-La & Black Widow vs Sugarpill's Dollipop & Makeup Geek's Corrupt forums

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Feb 26, 2011
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Earlier I did swatches of Milani Cosmetics' Shocking Pink vs Sugarpill's Dollipop as well as Makeup Geek Corrupt, Milani Pitch Black & Sugarpill Cosmetics Bulletproof. I decided to do comparisons of Dollipop from Sugarpill vs Saucebox's Oh La-La and their Black Widow versus Makeup Geek's Corrupt. All images were taken outdoors without flash. Swatches on bare skin.

Makeup Geek's Corrupt vs Saucebox Cosmetics' Black Widow (from the Creme de la Creme palette).​
Saucebox Cosmetics' Oh La-La vs Sugarpill's Dollipop.​
Pinks: Saucebox Cosmetics' Oh La-La left, Sugarpill's Dollipop right.
Blacks: Makeup Geeks's Corrupt left, Saucebox's Black Widow right
Bare skin, daylight no flash.​
Makeup Geek's Corrupt
Net weight: 1.8 grams / 0.064 oz
Price: $7.99 (compact), $5.99 (pan only)​
Saucebox Cosmetics' Black Widow (limited edition)
Net weight: 5 grams
Price: $8.50
Saucebox Cosmetics' Oh La-La
Net weight: 5 grams​
Price: $7.50​
Sugarpill's Dollipop
Net weight: 4 grams / .14 oz
Price: $12
Not by much. Saucebox is more product for less money than either Sugarpill or Makeup Geek but for now Oh La-La is sold out and I'm not sure when it'll be back in stock. Black Widow is a limited edition single shadow but available in the Creme de la Creme palette which is sold out at the moment as well.


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