Sweat Resistant Mineral Powder from Fancy Face Cosmetics

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Originally Posted by Makeup Maniac /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Hi guys!  I wanted to share with you the new mineral powder I tried.  It's the Sweat Resistant Mineral Powder from Fancy Face Cosmetics.  It has better coverage than the "popular" brands, and is literally 3 times the size of bare minerals.  And the best part, it's sweat proof!  i'm in love!  

I have to make a disclaimer on the above post. The person works for or is the owner of the company she's promoting. She didn't "try" it, she's selling it. Under US FDA laws if she's affiliated with or compensated by a company in any form she must disclaimer it but didn't and made it seem as if she's not part of the company when she is hence my post making that disclaimer for her.

Makeup Maniac, we love all products but we also love honest reviews not sneaky ones.

I'm locking this thread and changed the title because the title was deceptive.