Sweeney Todd

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Yeah, I love Tim Burton & Johnny Depp.

My mom is a high school drama teacher and her students just did a play version of this. lol.

It does look pretty cool.

I'll be there! I love Sweeny Todd, I love Tim Burton, and I love Johnny Depp!

ARE YOU KIDDING! omg yes. I had the opportunity to participate in a production of this...I mean come on...Murder, rape, cannabalism and a sprinkle of child molestation? Its a great show! Who WOULDN'T want to see it? and they're keeping it true to sondheims music.....yay for me.......and to top it all off......ALAN BLOODY RICKMAN as the creepy corrupt rapist/child molesting judge. He's so damn fine. *sighs happily* I am counting down the days to my midnight showing!

This looks completely awesome.

Anything with Johnny Depp and/or Tim Burton gets my support!

I love Sweeney Todd!

The A.C.T. just did it's big summer production of this... it's so now that i am surprised it didnt make a big screen debut till now. murdering singing barbers for meat pies makes great entertainment.

this actually always reminds me of angela lansbury, i remember watching her in her Tony award winning performance role of Mrs Lovett on PBS, a few years after the musical first debuted on Broadway. we had it on taped on Beta.

i have yet to see a better rendition of this role, and i doubt i ever will.


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