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Dec 15, 2007
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I've always used liquid liner on my top lids. Until recently, I exclusively usedRevlon ColourStay which is AWESOME. Recently, I started using Bourjois Liner which I am still adjusting too applying (brush vs felt tip).

I've been reading posts on the benefits of gel liner, easier to apply, longer lasting, etc. I honestly find the Revlon to be extremely long lasting, so I guess I still need to be convinced

Could you guys give me your honest opinions about your preferences? And which look you think is nicer? And maybe what your favourite brand of gel liner is?



Well I've used liquid eyeliners and I do love how they last..but I do have to admit...it is easier for me to use an angled brush and put on my gel eyeliner. I feel like I have more control on how much I want on the brush and how thin/thick i want the line.

I use MAC fluidline and it works great. It rarely runs or smudges on me, it lasts all day on me, and it goes on smoothly.

I used to use colorstay also.I liked it a lot, but got converted on this forum, lol. I still use pencil when I am being lazy, my fave is Prestige automatic waterproof, but I also use MAC fluidlines, Bobbi Brown gel liners, and L'oreal HIP cream liner. I have a Stila gel but the color doesnt really show so I never use it. Honestly, I have no peference in regards to the brands of gels or cream that I used.

I have 3 liquid liners, and I don't use them hardly as much as I use my pencil liners... I use those more than my gel liners because I'm lazy and it's easier to grab the pencil than get a brush and yada, yada. I do like gel liners, and they are long lasting (and a PITA to get off at times). I'm not positive if they're more long lasting than my liquids though because I've never paid attention!


I love gel liners. My favorites are Bobbi brown's "Espresso" ink; MAC's "Black Track" and "Dip Down"; and L'oreal's HIP in "Plum".

If you can handle the liquid liner and don't find it flakes on you, stick with it. I like gel because I find it easier to apply, better colors (esp MAC Fluidline) it stays on. I love Boobi Brown - I think she came out with it first, and have used her brown one for years. I don't like Smashbox creme eyeliners, I don't find them a strong enough color for me. I can apply liquid liner on clients, but not on myself ... I am a spaz lol.

I love the Bobbi Brown gel liner. I've been using it for some time now and I can get a really good line on my upper lid.

If you are happy with the liquid liners then stick with them. But, gel eyeliners are nice, very easy to use. I like Mac, BB and Stila's gel liners.

I'm a huge liquid liner fan (prestige!!) who just recently bought MAC's fluideline.

Although, it's a nice product and great for waterlines and and depending on the brush you use for it - easier to create wings or designs and such. I really can't let go of my liquid liner. I've just been so accustomed to it since it's much easier for me to just apply.

I really don't see how you can go wrong with either - the only thing is that I don't like pencil liners at all except for the waterline... comparing those two with a pencil is no competition. And oddly, because I'm working with a brush now for gel liners - my lines aren't always perfect, I have to dip constantly to get it across my lid. I just think it's because I'm not use to it... if you like your liquid liner, than stick with it.

I use a liquid on my top lid and a gel or cream on my waterline. To me, applying a gel or cream liner on my top lid is a royal pain in the ass. Since I am not used to it, it takes forever, and is harder for me to get right. If you like the liquid, I wouldn't switch -- unless you really, really want to give something new a try, or are maybe looking for a solution to a makeup issue you have.

i've only tried loreal hip gel liners, mac fluidlines, random black pencil liners, & milani liquid liner. i prefer the gel liners over anything. but, i need to find a brush that doesnt scratch my eye. i hear good things about the mac 266, so i'll give that a try.

gel liner is very easy o apply but if you have oily eyelids. it's a NO NO, i have oily eyelids, I applied it when my eyelids were complete dry but after 3-4 hours I got black creases

I use both Rimmel liquid liner which is amazing and MAC fluidline and I love them both!! Although the liquid liner is faster in application, I prefer MAC Fluidline!

I'm in love with Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner...i think it's one of the best out there so far...

I think gel liner is dummy proof. lol I suck at using liquid liner but i can mange gel.


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