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Sep 27, 2003
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I finally took the plunge and ordered T.Leclerc pressed powder from Strawberrynet.com. I've ordered from the several times and never have had a problem. I got an extra 5% discount for ordering since I haven't ordered from them for a while and 5% loyalty discount so the powder ended up being A LOT cheaper than what they normally go for here in the US. I used this powder when I still lived in Finland and it's a great powder as much as I can remember. Haven't used it in years now though so I'm excited to get this. Strawberrynet.com sells them for $41. With my discounts the powder was $36.90 and no tax and no shipping!
The pressed powder retails for $45 here in the US.

Woah Reija, nice saving! I love the loyalty discount they have. Pity they dont stock much MAC anymore though coz that's where i used to buy all my products from

Nice deal, Reija!
I'm sure you'll love it when it arrives! I've been wanting to try it, but the price tag has kept me away...

Awesome deal Reija! I haven't used the pressed powder in years, but I should really order from strawberrynet. Everyone keeps telling me their delivery time is great & so is their CS.

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