T Mart on the slow boat to china.

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Jul 8, 2012
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Yes Tmart unless you have a second lifetime steer clear.

 I ordered a small item and after weeks contacted them on `live chat`. Then I was advised to wait 30 days,second `live chat` they then UPPED the waiting time to 45 days !

   The `chat` operator in China/Hong Kong,wherever also admits the waiting time is NOT displayed on their website.

Definitely you should avoid tmart.com, they are crooks . you are lucky if they did not  use your credit card all  people are complaining about this company, it is the worse.
I totally agree Tmart.com is a scammer.

I had the most terrible online shopping experience I have ever been involved in, I  can't believe they say 24hr refunds but don't comply, they blame everything from the busy season? it was Halloween ??? and the funniest one they say we still in the GROWTH???  They state the fact that it is free international shipping and that it takes time? well the last time I talked to there customer service department they said it was shipped to allow another 2-3 weeks, its been more then a month since they charged my visa and nothing...LOOk online and you will be shocked to see how many others have filed and reported complaints... endless, I urge you to never buy from them NEVER...!


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