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Dec 20, 2004
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Benefits: Helps separate you from whatever is stressful to you right now and feel centered.

VIDEO: Try this exercise now

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Setup: Standing with your feet parallel and hip width apart, raise your arms up overhead. Interlace your fingers, palms facing up, and rest them on the top of your head.

<HR color=#999999 noShade SIZE=1>Step 1: Give yourself permission to be quiet and turn inside. Feel your breath, flowing in and out naturally, and gradually let it become softer and longer. Now acknowledge to yourself what is stressful in your life right now. It may be a task, or a relationship, or fear about the future. See if you can identify it. Observe how that stress feels in your body and your mind. Picture the stress as a heavy coat that you can choose to take off. You may put it back on later, but you do have the choice to wear it or not right now. The outer situation may not change, but your way of looking at it and reacting to it can change. Be aware of your own goodness and wholeness apart from the stress.

<HR color=#999999 noShade SIZE=1>Sit quietly with your eyes closed for a few breaths, noticing how you feel, and then gently open your eyes.


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