Taking the long way really adds up!!

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Jun 1, 2007
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I've been doing this for many years.. Taking the longest route walking to get from point A to point B... And today I timed myself and the numbers are amazing..

I take 4 breaks a day and walk down two flights of steps in the center of the building,, to the other end of the building to get a diet coke.. Total time one way.. Shortest distance is 1 minute 10 seconds... Alternately what I do is on each floor walk the entire length of the hallway and down one set of steps at the end of the building.. Then across the next floor and down another set of steps at the other end and then accross the bottom floor to the vending area.. Total time one way.. 3 minutes 20 seconds.. Difference of 2 minutes 10 seconds one way..

Times 8 equals over 17 minutes more exersize per day... 5 days a week... Almost an hour and a half more exersize per week.. And so on!! That just that much more exersize you'll get or that much less exersize you won't have to do another time...

Give it a try if you can.. Just stay away from the snack machines in the vending area!! Lol!!


Hahaha... That's cause it's number day here at work!! Wait. Its number day here every day!! Lol


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