Tall shaft boots faceoff: 01/01/08 - 01/06/08

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My first attempt! Wasn't until I was done that I realized there are like 50 pages for each catagory, but I didnt feel like re-doing it!

the open road, I was about to use that gold cuff bracelet you used in yours. Very cute.

Thanks bellagia... I liked that bracelet a lot! I like the one you used in yours also though.

hahaha, this outfit is SOOO me btw-

the brass knuckle pendant on the chain is for all those people staring down the red skinny jeans, it will go along with my thizz face.

only if your rockin' brass knuckles, hahaha!!!

Originally Posted by CellyCell /img/forum/go_quote.gif People still do the thizz face? Haha... oh noes.
Here's mine! Awesome looks so far everyone!

(BTW: The necklace is a choker length.)

One more, this is my entry...

~so fun!

Here is my entry for this week, I was lucky to get in as I have been away.


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