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Nov 5, 2005
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so im a big betsey johnson fan and really love her jewlery.

so i went to target today to find they had a lot of jewlery that acutally looks like hers but for way cheaper!

this made me all happy inside, so i thought i'd share with everyone!

Originally Posted by bejb1011 /img/forum/go_quote.gif is it the swell line with her and cynthia rowley? no, its just the general brand.
i didnt know she was with cynthia rowley for the swell line acutally.

I used to go to target all the time I really love that place. I need to go in there, I'll have to check out the jewelry.

Cool! Glad you found some jewelry you really like.

Too bad i cant wear any of that fake stuff. Which sucks because i had to give away all my costume jewelery.

That's great!! Thanks for the tip... I'm hitting Target Tuesday!! I love their jewelry selection too...



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