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Oct 11, 2006
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I went to Sephora and the girl recommended the black eye pencil from TART for it's staying power? Has anyone used this pencil, and their makeup?

i don't have it but i know that tarte has really good gel blushes. i got one in dollface and i'll never use anything else

I've heard it's crap, so I'm not going with it. I've heard their cheek stains and mineral bronzers are awesome though.

I only have their cheek stains.

If you want a long-lasting liner from Sephora, check out Urban Decay! Their 24/7 liners are great!

The Sephora brand waterproof pencil eyeliners are amazing as well. I believe they are relatively new.

I dont know about their pencil eyeliners, but I have a couple eyeshadows and liquid liner, I love the shadows, the liquid liners not bad, easy to apply but hard to fix mistakes, lasts pretty good though. Sorry not much help lol but I think Tarte is an alright brand.


No I haven't used this one. Did you buy it? If so, what were the results?

we don't sell it at my location, but everything i've used by them is great. i love their eyeshadows, blushes, and bronzer!

I have used them before...I did use one of their eyeliners: starry night...It's okay...I still love my MAC engraved...I've also used their lipglosses: fred/ginger and tarzan/jane...

Can recommend cheek stains only. Tried the little chapstick like lip colors and did not like them. Wasn't impressed with the e/s either.


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