Tarte's "We Wish You Wealth" palette

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Feb 12, 2005
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It's the season of the palette and Tarte has yet another limited edition palette in available only at Sephora.

Tarte's all new We Wish You Wealth palette is packed with products. It includes 16 new eyeshadows, 16 new lipglosses, 4 gel eyeliners, 4 new cheek stains, 3 lip sheers, primer, luminizer and mini brushes to help you use all of these products. You have endless combinations here right in one palette. I think I'm adding this to my wishlist.

And while you're coveting this palette, set up a reminder to watch Tarte's Maureen Kelly on QVC this Saturday at 7pm EST. She's fun to watch!

So Cute...I love when I see Tarte online, but I am never impressed in person.

That's a cute palette.

That's a nice pallete. I don't know whether to thank you or smack you in the head for making me want something else.

Originally Posted by AprilRayne /img/forum/go_quote.gif I just ordered this! I can't wait to get it! Post how you like it when you get it. Everytime I go to the Sephora site I think about getting it.
I saw this in the store, and while I like it, I'm not gonna jump on it like I planned to. Damned, I'm losing my mojo!

I like the shadows but I'm not so sure about the glosses.. they get weird when they're in palettes I always find..

I got my palette yesterday!! It is SOO Gorgeous and it's huge too. I used two of the e/s, l/g, e/l and blush today and I loved it. The shadows that I tried are pretty pigmented and stayed on all day and I love the cheek stain. The glosses are pretty average, but there's tonz of colors to choose from, so it's fun! Overall, I'm impressed. Oh and the packaging is so pretty too, purple and quilted!

Thanks for the reviews!! i am so weary about multi-product palettes. i have bought so many that just lie in the dust or wait for a friend to ask for them.

now there are so many gorgeous ones out there, i feel myself falling.

I just got this, and it is my favorite palette of all time. Seriously- I love it. The eyeshadows are so fine and pigmented, there are a huge range of lipgloss shades (everything from dark brown to red to gold to pinks- really, the gamut), and the eyeshadow primer is even good. But the real over-the-top awesomeness of it is the cheek and lip stains. The pan-style cheek stains are brilliant. I am absolutely in love.


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