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Taylor Made Minerals Holiday Sale!

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Jan 27, 2007
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Taylor Made Minerals has a Holiday Sale going on now. All orders $100 and under receive 15% off. Orders over $100 receive 20% off. Orders over $200 receive 25% off. Any orders over $300 receive 30% off. Definitely a great deal since Taylor's prices are great to start with!

Thanks for the heads up.

I've been curious about trying their foundation. Does anyone know what the level of coverage is? Totally agree about the prices. With the discount, she's practically giving them away.

I was coming in here to type the same thing. I don't even want to bother with samples. I think i will just go for it, her prices are superb!

Togal- I unfortunately don't know anything about the coverage of the foundation as I haven't tried it yet. You might want to do a search for a thread that might discuss her foundation and its coverage.

1QTPie- Yes, if I were you I would just go for it. Her jars are totally packed full to the brim and for the price it's a great value. I have about 50 of her pigments and love them all.

I ordered some samples of foundation. Hopefully I'll recieve them soon and be able to find a match. I read on the Mineral Makeup Mania forum that TMM foundation is similar to Monave (which has decent coverage).

They are ok, but I need full coverage and didn't acheive it ..but great sales

Her foundation is ok but the pigments are too loose and it doesn stick properly..u can see good no of vedios on this brind on you tube
I belive Pure Luxe for eye pigments are rocking though i hav nt tried her foundation yet


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