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Feb 1, 2013
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I had a TCA peel through my dermatologist on Monday.  I'm very fair skinned and he did the more aggressive peel on me (I don't know what strength that would be), and warned that this would require some down time.  He did both my face and decolletage, which is freckled, ruddy and has spots of actinic keratoses.

The doctor used his strongest TCA peel and left it on for far longer than he has for other patients (I'm the first patient who wasn't in agony after one minute - I thought it was bearable. I think we left it on for at least five minutes, if not longer). He noted right after that I had a little frosting.

Looking at pics and peel diaries on various sites. I thought that my entire face would turn bright red, then brown, then peel off all those freckles and age spots.  Today is Friday, and I have a very VERY small amount of peeling alongside my nostril and above my lip.  My chest doesn't even seem tight, scaly or dry.  Both my chest and my face is currently it's natural color. I pretty much look normal.

Has anyone had a similar experience with a very slow peel? I've had Jessners before, and even that seemed to start peeling after two days. I'm amazed that TCA isn't requiring me to stay home and hide from small children. 

I was particularly looking for my chest to peel and take care some of the actinic keratoses.  I'm sure the Doc will go a second round, but not sure how long to wait before asking him.

I don't use Retin A (but will start after this), and had been using coconut oil on my skin several times a week, including the day of the peel.  I'm wondering if that oil would cancel out the active properties of the TCA.

If you have any advice or stories, I'd love to hear them.  Thanks in advance!



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