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Apr 6, 2005
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What is the best teeth whitener on the market these days? I thought of using aqua fresh trays, but not sure. What about the disolvable strips?

The full mouth trays from Rembrandt are the best I have used. I don't really like the strips, they don't have enough goo on them!

How effective are they? How long do you need to use them? I'm dying (get it?
) to try whitening my teeth.

Crest White Strips are amazing!

I got loads of compliments on my white teeth because of them.

If you get them, they recommend you using it for like 30 minutes per usage. If you don't get sensitive at all - wear for 45 to an hour per usage. It goes a long way and makes your teeth whitter quicker.

I did that mid-way my treatment because they weren't showing any difference. Using them longer made them whitter in 2 more days. I'm always forgetting to get more sets...

I use this stuff called Eco-Dent "Extrabrite" and it works better on me than strips IMHO. It is made with natural ingredients and is pretty cheap (I think I paid 8 dollars for the bottle which is supposed to last 200 applications). It is a foamy powder that you brush with like toothpaste. I got it online, dunno if it's in stores.

Crest Whitestrips do a good job but I had to lay off using them because of my sensitive teeth.

you should really check out crest's vivid white toothpastes, i always make sure i pick up one of these right before a big event, and i am always told that i have really white teeth.

its cheap, its easy, and it really works!

I'd love to try a whitener, but I'm worried it'll give me sensitive teeth.

I know Rembrandt is good, and Crest. I wish I could use these but my teeth are way too sensitive. I recommend baking soda for a natural alternative. It really does work! I also use Topal toothpaste and it is the best whitening toothpaste I have ever used.

Is anyone out there a dentist - what do you think of these whiteners vs the one you get at a dentist? I was told that the toothpastes strip the teeth, but a dentist told me that so....

Hi all ide be very interested to see before and after pics if anyone has any

as everyone ive spoken to about this and they all say none of them really work which disappoints me as im looking to purchase a system that really works

I use the generic paint on perxoide whitner and it works well enough... my teeth don't get that white any more.... all those diet cokes I fear....

I have to be careful with teeth whitener. It seems to make my teeth more sensitive. Its weird.


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