Terror in the skies continues- A reason not to fly on United Airlines

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Sep 27, 2003
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I read this horrifying article on womenswallstreet.com about United Airlines flight 925. It gave me the creeps and I know I will not fly on United Airlines from now on. This article continues the series "Horror In the skies" published on womenswallstreet.com. The original article published on womenswallstreet.com that talked about suspicious activity on a flight was posted on Makeuptalk.


Here is the new article from womenswallstreet.com:

Safety in the Skies Series












What Happened on United Airlines Flight 925?

This is Part IX of the ongoing series entitled, “Terror in the Skies, Again?”

By Annie Jacobsen


Flight attendants, pilots, Federal Air Marshals and other airline industry personnel continue to contact me with their stories of possible terrorist probes on commercial aircraft. Their first-hand accounts all involve unusual and suspicious in-flight behavior by Middle Eastern men. For months now, I've been compiling these incidents. But because airline employees, as well as Federal Air Marshals, are strictly forbidden to speak to the press, it's been a slow, uphill climb to collect the information. But just recently, several courageous individuals agreed to let me tell their story about a United Airlines flight which flew this past June. Most were nervous to talk to me -- all United Airlines employees sign strict non-disclosures stating that under no circumstances can they discuss "accidents and incidents" with the press. But the incident they were involved in was so threatening, and the way it was handled so appalling, they felt compelled to speak out.

June 13, 2004

At London's Heathrow airport, the crew of United Airlines flight 925 was busy helping the last of its passengers settle into their seats. It would be about an 8-hour flight -- 3,677 miles direct to Washington's Dulles airport. Flight attendants conducted last minute safety checks and readied the massive Boeing 777 and its nearly 400 passengers for take-off. Then, just minutes before the aircraft doors were set to close, ground agents hurried down the jet way with a group of late arrivals.

According to the ground agents, the nine men had arrived independently on separate itineraries from various Middle Eastern countries. The flight crew was told that one man came from Lahore, Pakistan, another from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, another from Afghanistan. Several of the men had no carry-ons, which one of the flight attendants found unusual. Most passengers embarking on a long, international flight carry at least something with them. The flight attendant took the ground agent aside and said, "something's not right."

The ground agent told the flight attendant she was being paranoid. The men, purportedly all Pakistani nationals, had been through secondary screening and had been swabbed for explosives. A heated discussion between the United Airlines ground agent and the flight attendant took place. The flight attendant inquired about what, if any, additional security measures could be taken; the ground agent pressed for an on-time departure. No additional security checks were made and the flight left on time.

Once the flight was in the air, a flight attendant in the coach class cabin noticed a bag in the aisle. She asked that the owner of the bag identify him or herself at once. No one came forward to claim the bag. One of the late-arriving Middle Eastern men was seated nearby. The flight attendant asked the man pointedly if the bag was his. He replied "no" in English. Later, this same man approached the flight attendant and said that the bag in the aisle was his bag and that he wanted it back.

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that's so disturbing to know UA doesn't consider these things serious.

Holy cow, that's frightening.. A plane on the way to the US had to make an emergency landing in Dublin yesterday due to a bomb scare but i think in the end it was a hoax. What kind of sick people get joy out of watching other peoples fear??

This just confirms a post I wrote about how i still don't feel safe here about terrorism... Stories like these are so scary!

I know and I can't believe United Airlines when the pilot asked for authorities to meet the plane at the airport the only person who showed up was the security person from United Airlines with a clipboard. The guy on the no-fly list walked away (he was checked against United no-fly list and apperantly he was ok, the pilot asked for another check when the plane was in air and it was confirmed that he was on the no fly list. How is it that he didn't show up on United's no-fly list?) and was never questioned by the authorities because someone at United Airlines didn't consider the situtation to be more than level 1 threat (United Airlines clasification not Home Land Security clasification) which meant that they didn't think authorities needed to be notified. I will not fly on United if they don't see these kinds of situations as a threat especially when the CAPTAIN of the plane requests backup. Unbeliviable!!! This article got my blood pressure going and other follow-up articles explaining the details of this flight and others on womenswallstreet.com. It's really scary. I truly think that the next attack will be a toilet bomb in an airplane since the terrorists are doing dry runs in the air and the US officials are letting this happen. I also read that the 2 planes that went done in Russia had toilet bombs. So it's only a matter of time...


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