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I was surprised when I saw "Texas" as the subject of this thread. Please do not lump everyone in one state together, just because of what some people say on a message board. Not everyone in Texas is a redneck. Of course, I wasn't born and raised here, either, so maybe that counts for something.

I was quite sickened by the attitude of the people that were on BBC Radio 2 last week. They were interviewing people from Midland and they were so biased towards this war. I wouldnt ever put all people in one basket but it does summarise the way some people in Texas actually think about the world in general.

www.dallasdigest.com is an eye opener and its quite sad to think that in this day and age , people still think like this.

It is sad...it's kind of like Christianity...some people out there are extreme and give it a bad name. I'm a Christian, but sometimes I hesitate to use that term because of the bad example that so many portray. I live in Texas, but I was born and raised in New York, moved to Florida when I was 9. My husband was born in New York, but moved when he was an infant. His family is mainly from Oklahoma, but he was raised in the Dallas area. Our best friends live in Dallas, and they're not like that. My other best friend now lives in San Antonio, but she lived in Arkansas most of her life. None of us are racist or ethnocentric or anything of that sort. It's just sad - Texas is such a large state, and it's too easy to lump everyone together.

Also, I was in Florida when the joke was on us about the "chads," and voting ballots. What was sad (and VERY irritating) was that people online that I knew made a lot of jokes, even towards me, because I was in Florida. The truth of the matter was that most of that ruckus happened in South Florida. I was from Central Florida, north of Tampa. We had absolutely no problems there.

It's just too easy to get a bad name, from some jerks who spoil it for everyone else.


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