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Nov 29, 2004
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Is anyone watching right now? I've never really watched it much, but I've seen bits and pieces and decided to watch the finale. Why do they drag it out for 3 hours? Soooo annoying. I skipped the first hour, but now I just keep watching becaue otherwise I'll feel like I've wasted the past hour and 20 minutes. I hope he picks Sarah though, she seems sweet.

I haven't watched it - but I saw it tonight... IMO I think he should've picked Krystalie (sp?) She seemed more genuine... Sarah just seemed a little phoney. And in her last date w/ him - I think she sounded kinda psycho with that "I want it to be ME and only ME, and ME ME ME!" lol or whatever she said... the other girl seemed honestly more into him. But then again, this was the only episode I saw...


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