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Jun 28, 2005
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i have found the best headphones for workouts. they are Philips/Nike and they are called vapor flight. they have a 3-way adjustable earpiece so it fits your ear. i just got them today and went for a run. they didn't budge at all. and they sound good. they are the earbud style. i had bought a pair from Sony not too long ago. again they are the sport, earbud style but they never stayed on. drove me crazy. so if you like listening to your tunes when you workout you might want to look for these.

oh, they are sport headphones too(obviously, Philips/Nike)and sweat resistant.

AND, if you live near a Fred Meyer store they are 25% off until Saturday. made 'em $18 and change!

yeah, they work great. i used them again today and they didn't budge. and they are sooo very comfortable and they sound good. i don't know if anyone else is in to running or not but these would work for any of your mp3 needs... hahaha

glad that you like them

i don't like ear buds myself because they hurt my ears and it gives me a head ache.

i got these headphones that has the head band part on the top of my head. it helps keep my hair back. hehe.

guess that is what surprised me about these ones. no pain. no discomfort. the headband ones seem like it would flop around. a lot of the newer styles go behind your neck.

but i never thought about the 'keep your hair back' factor! lol!!

a definite bonus!


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