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Feb 1, 2006
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New! Create shimmering looks perfect for the party season! Each of these festive metallic palettes contains one cheek color and four complementary eye colors. Choose from the lighter color selection of palette 01 or the rich colors of palette 02.

Palette 01: Eye Colors - Teal Green, Platinum Grey, Quartz Pink, Diamond Pink; Cheek Color - Pink Blush. Palette 02: Eye Colors - Emerald Green, Bronze Shimmer, Copper Beam, Gold Beam; Cheek Color - Bronze Blush

Source: The Body Shop website

The one with the emerald eyeshadow looks pretty. I have never tried TBS eyeshadows so I wonder what the pigment is like.

The Body Shop makeup is wonderful I have like ten of their shadows and they are wonderful! Very pigmented.

oh they also have 2 lipglosses, to liquid liners, and 2 liquid glitter gel liners.

i bought a liquid liner today ($13.50) i put it on my had, yeah the stuff is gonna stay on for a long while.

I've had good luck with some of the Body Shop e/s. I love the fact that they fit into my MAC e/s palette too. It depends on the color, really. Some of them have great pigmentation, while some are sheer.

I have the second palette, and the pink metallic lip gloss. I only got it yesterday and haven't played around with it too much, but so far I really like the colours. The textures annoy me a bit, the gold is a bit clumpy. But the colours are awesome, very metallic and bright. I love the lip gloss.

I only use tbs makeup (cuz I work there and have no choice!), so I can't compare it to anything else.

I saw those on the website. I like the warm colors. I like their makeup. I have one of their other palettes. I think their very good quality! I want that bronzy one!!!

I've been drooling over those ever since I got a sneak peek a few weeks ago. I will be buying at least one of them!

I like the palette on the left. I will definitely have to try some gold tones on my eyes sometime soon.


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