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Aug 6, 2005
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hello ladies! long time no ... visit! i've been away for what, a year? i've popped in a few times here and there. but, anyways.

for christmas, i got a "The Color Workshop" makeup kit thingy. i tried searching but found nothing really. and i tried the review center. but, nothing.

should i just toss this? do the eyeshadows work well with UDPP under them? the colors are gorgeous in the pan and hope they actually work well. if they seem to not work well, i'll give the unopened kit to my 10 year old niece.

thanks you all. and, happy holidays!

I got one as well, and I've tried to make them work with UDPP, but the colors still won't hardly show up on my lids.

I also have a kit and out of 12 eye shadows, only about 3 show up. I even tried using the other ones wet, but that made hardly any difference. At least with my kit, some eyeshadows are very hard, I have a terrible time picking up some eyeshadow with my brush.

I have also gotten the color workshop makeup kit. I agree, the color doesn't really show up, but the colors are really pretty! Try Maybelline eyeshadows! They work really well. I love the teal one!

I don't think this brand is a very good quality..I used to get those sets for christmas and I never used them because they didn't show up or really do anything for me..


I think I got one of these kits a few years back. Didn't bother with it. Pass it on.

I had one of these before I started wearing mac. Try some white liner as a base, they worked fine and showed up for me. I also loved the mascara that came in it.

At lease whoever bought that for you was thinking with right intentions, id personally be offended if thats all i could get and I found out someone tossed the gift i bought out. I guess thats just me though.

I've gotten these sets in the past and they are pretty worthless. This year, a friend gave me an 88-shadow palette from Ruby Cosmetics and I thought "Oh well"; however, I tried the shadows and they are very pigmented and apply great! So that was a surprise.

so, i tested these out. i put on udpp on my wrist. i put the shadow on. looked pretty and vibrant! but, as soon as i blew on my wrist, the shadow blew away. lol. so yea. i'll keep the mascara and lipsticks, but pass on the e/s and blush to my 8 year old niece.

lol i got the kit for this christmas too

but mine was a summery bronzey kit

the colors looked TOO glittery so i passed on everything except for the bronzer and the body shimmer thingy

hopefully it looks good

I have finally learned to simply pass these by. It's like I thought for that price, it couldn't be all bad, but it always was!

I get those sets as gifts for christmas and such too.

I'd toss it! LOL Or pass it on.

I only found the nail color to be of any use. (But it smells so so strong!)


I'm a pro make up artist here in LA and I've done runway shows for Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci... you name it I was backstage, NY fashion week, LA fashion week....

I like to try new things and I use a little bit of everything

but Ruby is just wrong!

I mean the palettes that they sell (with 88, 40... eyeshadows) are made in china and the quality is horrible! They get those palettes for $4 and sell it for anywhere from $49 to $90 and they putty a sorry ass sticker that says ruby.

I wouldnt use their stuff even if they give it to me for free. Ladies don't waste your hard earned money on these scammers!!!

ps.Watch out for the lady that owns it. She tried to hit on me and get my number....ackwaaaaard!!!!

The color workshop sucks. i buy tons of makeup everywhere i go and one time when i was 15, i was passing through big lots, where you can find tons of neat makeup items, with my mom. I saw this huge kit for like 15 bucks and thought, "how awesome!" It was such a waste of many. none of the e/s showed through, the lipliners were like plastic as were the eyeliners, the mascara burned my eyes, and the lipsticks looked like real jelly tubes. They make good for cheap gifts as a starter kit for newbies in makeup but they're not really good for anything.

You're better off getting a big one by sehora brand that has tons of eyeshadows and some blushes and lipcolors in a big palette.

ive been getting those for years. i usually stick to the browns that i got from that kit. they work just fine wet.

i'm a pretty big makeup junkie, and my big sister got me a color workshop kit and everything seems to work fine..

I got a palette from The Color Workshop this Christmas. since I have fair skin I find that the eyeshadows shop up on me just fine, but only with sponge applicators. I tried using my eyeshadow brush and needed a great deal of eyeshadow just to show up on my skin. the lip glosses are nice and the blushes are ok. overall I'm happy with it because the kit does not include my everyday colors, so instead of buying colors I want to experiment with, they're most all there

I've seen them around, and they are pretty cheap too since they come in palettes with a variety of stuff in different colours on them, but have never had the courage to buy them as I didn't think the colours would come up well when applied.


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