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Sep 25, 2005
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Hi. Has anyone tried the FIRM's new transfirmation system? It includes weights and 4 or 5 dvds. I've used the FIRM in the past, though lately have been running instead. Since the colder weather is around the corner, I am looking to exercise inside again. This system doesn't have the "fanny lifter" anymore. Just the weights and dvds for workouts.

Anyone try this? Rants/raves?

I have no clue... But as someone said on another thread, getting fit is a matter of dedication and motivation

I agree....the key to successful weight loss is staying motivated on a "diet"/healthy food choices and exercise. I am always in search of something else because I get bored relatively soon. I've been using the FIRM system on/off for the last 7 years. Once I get bored with the dvds, I move on to the next set of dvds the firm offers.

I just ordered the transfirmation today. I've also been jogging but since the weather will get colder, I may just use the FIRM as my main exercise and jogging when the weather is better.

I also just requested the Mari Windsor pilates dvds from the library. I am eager to try these as well. It won't be my main exercise but perhaps will help me tone/tighten my stomach and thigh area.

I'll review the transfirmation once I've tried it. I read reviews on it and they are overwhelmingly positive.


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