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Jan 20, 2007
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Has anyone watched this? It seems my hometown (Memphis) is always featured.One of the homicide seargents on there was in my grad class in high school.He's in the second photo on the page.

The First 48

yeah its cool,my husband hates my shows though,lol. He prefers comedy all the time.

I've never seen it, but now that I looked at the webpage, I love those kind of shows so I'll probably watch it now.

It seems they show Miami a lot as well.

I don't watch it regularly, but I've seen quite a few episodes.

I love this show! Sometimes on sunday they wil show it all day and since that's our lazy day we seriously watch it all day.

Love this show- its pretty addicting! Thursday nights they have 3 hours straight back to back episodes and I try not to miss


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