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Mar 29, 2007
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my thoughts of being laid off-

the bad-

  1. number one bummer about being laid off, well for me- putting off having a second baby. my husband really wanted to start trying again this year, but that will be a no go- it's not very professional to find a job i love just to go on maternity leave 7 months later.
  2. putting off buying a house. until we are sure that my income is secure, this is once again a dream to hold off for another year.
  3. the panic that our bills are bigger than we were ready for.
  4. the panic of not having medical benefits for my family, but most importantly, our baby (my husband's job, unfortunately does not have bennie's)
  5. the feeling that, even though i know it was inevitable, maybe there was something extra i could have done to be kept on (even though my entire department no longer exists)
  6. window shopping... it's fun to window shop when you have money but just don't see anything you want to buy, it's another to window shop and EVERYTHING is something you want to buy, but you just cant spend the money.
  7. Interviewing is such a pageant show. Answering the questions correctly, without hesitation, sitting straight, with a professional, but relaxed expression, and while trying to be conscious of not using filler words like "ummm", or "like".
the good-
  1. well, since we aren't having a baby anytime soon, we don't need a bigger house, and our friend has a house he really wants us to lease that is perfect for our family right now... at only $600 more than what we are paying for our condo. this house has been marked a historic landmark of my town. our friend bought it for $1.6mill and the backyard borders a stream that my husband loves to fish in and a backyard big enough for a serious game of football. our friend is a real estate investor and is currently residing in New Orleans, post-Katrina. we will be moving in sometime around April.
  2. and since we are not buying a house, and again, not having a baby (and even though I am not spending money on frivolous things), once i do get a job, we will instead be buying a boat. which was out of the question before, but now is much more plausible. and it will fit in our new big ass backyard.
  3. I get to sleep in. I was waking up at 5a, but since I am a smart cookie, no interview meeting I have set up has been scheduled before 1.30p, so that i can wake up rested, have breakfast and coffee, and get ready at my pace.
  4. friends are feeling bad and taking me on "dates" (movies, coffee, dinner, drinks)
  5. and number on best thing about this layoff- at least I have a lot of interviews (some people don't get that lucky within the same week of being laid off), and scheduled with places I really wanted to work. It's good knowing that my resume is up to par, and, damn it, I am worthy to be at any of those places.
they say every dark cloud has a silver lining... I will make my dark clouds lined with gold.
Good luck on the job hunt! It sounds like you're prepared and will have a new and probably better one before you know it

It's great to see that you are able to look on the bright side of things, and that you're staying so strong! I wish you the best on all your interviews.

The new house you are movng into to--is it far from where you currently live?

Good for you! You have such a great attitude. I can learn a few things from you I think

best of luck with the job hunt chicken. I'm also jobhunting and so all I can say is even getting interivews is hard. I'm sure you deserve every single one of those interviews, and like they say, maybe being laid off will open the door for a much better job you would never have looked for otherwise.

That house sounds amazing btw!

I love the way u write brewgrl!!! and I really do hope u land a job soon!

Good luck on ur job hunt!!

Oh and by the way that house sounds amazing plz make sure to post piccies!!

What a great attitude. I wish I could be that positive in a less than perfect situation. I wish you the best luck in your new job hunt!!!

COURAGE AND IMAGINATION. Two things modern conveniences deprive us of, in my opinion. I have much respect for the phrase "everything happens for a reason" and I do believe, my dear, that to evoke courage and imagination is the reason for much of what happens in life today.

I hope you continue to find your courage to step out of desperation and others expectations of success. And that you continue to imagine the world, with a gold lining, that you are creating for your future and the future of your family.

"And so goes life!"

Hey Jen, I'm a bit late, but I'm impressed at how you are looking at this. Many would not be so positive. Good luck and I'm sure you will get something soon!

Yeah, you have a really great attitude... I hope you get hired for a job you absolutely love- and soon!

It's all good till you've been looking for work for 2 years! Yeah that's right.

Of course that's what happens when you have a degree in Engineering 10 years experience and made good money, no one will hire you. I've applied for minimum wage jobs with no such luck.

Most degrading: Applied for large corporate office admin job. They hired 20 people one of which was a line cook with no office experience or education.

Yeah I'm complaining. Much of it is the area I live in. I've about given up looking. Not trying to take over thread.

Remember this, it's better to take a large step down in your career than to fall off the boat like mine has.

Brewgrl, hope you find a suitable job real soon. Best wishes on your move

Well the good doesn't sound like it out weighs the bad imho.. But its great you can find something positive... I'd be a basket case I fear.. Good luck on finding something you love...

You are so right. The good really doesn't outweigh the bad. In the end, I will be a lot sadder not to have made an offer on a house, and every time I see new little babies gets me a little teary. The brightness of trying to rebound quickly into the utmost positive that I can be is starting to wear down.

But we are determined to not let it bring us completely down. It's the saddest to have to push dreams to the side. It happens to everyone, and that's a reality. Our determination is to make new dreams in their place. A game of constant reshuffling, but never forgetting.

Originally Posted by Karren_Hutton /img/forum/go_quote.gif Well the good doesn't sound like it out weighs the bad imho.. But its great you can find something positive... I'd be a basket case I fear.. Good luck on finding something you love...

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