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Jun 26, 2005
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Duluth, GA
No ..I'm not talking about food here!

Remember when you were a teenager and you had your first

lesson in skincare? Oil, you were told, was bad for the skin.

But as with so much else, things are different when you're an


Oil producing glands calm with age, and oil, as we've come to appreciate, is one of skin's necessary components. Oil gives skin softness, elasticity, and protection from harmful impurities and irritants. In fact, as our bodies produce less sebum (the skin's natural oil), we should worry that we're not getting enough. But not all oils are created equal, so why not use the oil that offers the most to your skin?

Virgin olive oil has a superior ability to form a moisture barrier that keeps skin soft and protected from irritants. What makes it truly unique, however, is that, unlike some synthetic moisturizers, olive oil allows skin to breathe. It even has an advantage over many other natural oils in that its chemical structure allows it to penetrate pores more deeply to hold in moisture without clogging.

Think oil and water don't mix? Not this oil--it has an affinity for hydration. If extracted when the olives are young, virgin olive oil has hydrophilic characteristics that help it to attract critical moisture, resulting in softer, more supple skin.

Virgin olive oil is also less likely than your skin's natural oils to cause troublesome skin problems such as blackheads, which occur when oils become oxidized. Virgin olive oil actually possesses a lower oxidation rate than sebum, so it's a perfect supplement to skin.

Olive oil and your skin both contain squalene, which helps feed cells oxygen and reveals fresh skin more quickly. Research aslo suggests that, thanks to virgin olive oil's powerful vitamins and antioxidants, and their ability to neutralize damaging free radicals, virgin olive oil fights the appearance of aging.

Laura, are you still using this? having good results? I tried it once, but broke out. Didn't have the guts to continue. And OMG, how do you live with that smell??

Thanks for the great post. Since using an olive oil & lemon as a dressing on my raw greens, I've noticed a bit of a difference. Perricone & Agatston are heavy advocates of it in daily diet.

Generally, just a squeeze of lemon (I cut it into fourths) & about 2 teaspoons of olive oil. Just depends on how large my salad is. If I have a spinach salad, I tend to use a little more b/c I don't always chop the leaves.

Originally Posted by cazcol I first came onto this site a week ago, saw this for olive oil and thought 'what have i got to lose? ' so have been using olive oil for a week now and my skin looks softer and younger. Hi Cazcol, welcome to Makeuptalk!
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Olive Oil is the only dressing I use on my salads and since I started using it it has made a difference with my skin. I'm so used to having olive oil in my salad that I can't eat salad without it. I love it and my skin loves it too!

Thanks for posting this! I'm going to use olive oil as a cleanser tonight!


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