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Feb 12, 2005
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When Lauren Conrad hinted that she makes a “life-changing†decision in the season-three finale of MTV’s The Hills, she made good on her promise.

After passing on the opportunity to go to Paris to be with her then-boyfriend Jason Wahler, Conrad gets a second chance to visit the fashion capital in the season finale—and not even a kiss from Brody Jenner stops her.

So where does this leave LC and Brody? Where they’ve always been: in like with each other. “I’ve not had the best relationships in the past so I’m scared to get into a relationship,†Jenner says when confronted with the news that LC is leaving for Paris.

So Brody sees Lauren off to the airport with an “I’ll miss you†and a kiss, and she gets on the plane.

Meanwhile, they’re not the only ones who aren’t sure they want to be in a relationship. After Spencer and Heidi’s latest fight over wedding plans, Heidi tells her coworker Kimberly, “I feel like I’m in a relationship with a 5-year-old†and then avoids her fiancé when he stops by her office. When he finally returns to their apartment, Heidi is packing her bags and tells him she wants to go home to give him space.

“I don’t know what else to do,†she says.

When Spencer asks her about whether the wedding is happening anytime soon, she says, “It’s not working. I need some space.†They hug and kiss, he leaves and she cries.

The show ends with Heidi driving off into the sunset and Lauren taking off for Paris…but it’s not really the end.

During the live after-show at Area nightclub in Los Angeles following the season finale, Conrad reveals an even bigger announcement: “The season of The Hills is not over,†she says. “We’ll be picking up soon and you’ll get to see our whole trip to Paris and everything that follows afterwards.â€

So stay tuned. —Aaron Parsley


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