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Originally Posted by Reija(admin) Valli O'Reilly and Bill Corso from the movie Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
Here is the movie URL:

Ahhh.. so who voted for that in Joy's poll awhile back?? Anyone?

What was the url of that poll, I cannot locate it...

I can't remember if I did

Originally Posted by NYAngel98

Ahhh.. so who voted for that in Joy's poll awhile back?? Anyone?

It's right here.

And the award goes to....... LAURA!

(Does she get a prize? Or just hugs?

<img src="">

Snicket Wins... Unfortunately (from

At the 77th annual Academy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 27, Bill Corso and Valli O'Reilly took home the Oscar for Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. Corso accepted his first Oscar with a charming sense of humor, declaring the award "unfortunate" and making other references matching the dark tone of the film starring Jim Carrey.

The film, about the disastrous lives of three hapless orphans who struggle to outrun the clutches of their would-be guardian Count Olaf (Jim Carrey), required the mastery of Corso and O'Reilly to transform Carrey into not only the gargoyle-like Count Olaf but into several versions of Olaf in disguise, which called for extensive research and design.

Corso's design process was unique, utilizing PhotoShop to create dozens of potential looks for Olaf and then used those images as guides to make a host of prosthetic and hair pieces.

Carrey himself reveled in the process. "You can have a notion of what you're going to do when you're rehearsing with yourself," he says, "but when you sit in that make-up chair, it gives birth to itself. There were probably thirty characters that will never be in the movie."

We congratulate Corso and O'Reilly on their tremendous work on the film and for this very exciting achievement.


I should've known it would've been Lemony Snicket, because Passion of the Christ was way too controversial (and conservative) to get an Oscar. And a lot of Jews & historians were really offended by the film. I was raised Protestant, didn't really care for the storytelling of the film... but thought it was - from an aesthetic point of view - breathtaking.

Passion had such amazing new innovations for special makeup effects though... it only took them a little over an hour to apply all those wounds on Jim Caviezel, because the key makeup artist developed these special pre-painted "peel and stick" prosthetic gashes that could quickly blend into the skin. His beard was also laid on by hand each day. Great stuff!

Lemony Snicket though was such fun, whimsical character makeup. I love watching actors be transformed that dramatically -- a true testiment to the power and artistry of makeup.


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