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Apr 25, 2007
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I love mascara, it is a very simple way to achieve a polished look. However, I am not meant to wear it. I hate waterproof formulas, as removing them is usually a nightmare, and I usually end up with more lashes in the tissue than the mascara I am removing. However, in the winter, when I walk out in the cold, my eyes do not like it and start crying, which is not good when wearing mascara. And in the heat of the summer, it just melts on me. So I have like a three week window to wear it in fall and spring. Sniff. Anybody else goes through this?

I don't like waterproof mascara either for the same reasons. I use Estee Lauder More Than Mascara (not water proof) on my top lashes only for daytime use. This way I go through the whole day without any smudging under my eyes. At night, for drama, I use the same mascara on my lower lids and carry a q-tip in my purse in case a smudge appears. Good luck.

I usually don't have this problem, but after walking around in the blustering cold and snow today, my mascara actually was under my eyes. Even when I go out in the rain, my mascara usually doesn't smudge or slide, because I generally check. However, today I didn't since I had class, so I walked around with mascara under my eyes and messy hair from the wind all afternoon.

I never use waterproof mascara. The only time my mascara has melted when opening an oven and getting blasts of hot air in my face.

You could also use a clear mascara, I know it's not as dramatic with out the benefit of volume but sometimes I opt for clear to hold my lash curl and it still makes them look a little bit longer I think.

Clear mascara is actually a good idea! I tried that before, but used it on my eyebrows, to keep them neat. It should hold better to the cold.

I've never had that happen to me before. Maybe it's because I always use a lash primer? I'm not sure.

Anyway, if mascara isn't working for you there's always lash tinting and falsies too.

I'm having the same problems! I think a clear mascara is next for me to try.


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