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Mar 29, 2007
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i always read newbies asking questions that i think- they didnt know that??? and then i have to remember- HEY! that was me!!!

here are the most valuable things i never knew until joining MUT:

Monistat Soothing Care Powder Gel carries almost the same ingredients as Smashbox's Original Photo Finish Primer.

for the most intense eyes, use wet application (and by wet, i mean slightly damp brush, not dripping) of any eyeshadow will increase the color tenfold!!!

if you want a liner to stay all day on the waterline without ever budging EVER- MAC Fluidlines.

when blending eyeshadow- do not "windhield wipe" or you will muddy the colors- go in ONE DIRECTION,and only at the area where the colors meet.

but the most important of all important things???

Urban Decay Primer Potion will keep your eye makeup on until the day you die (or you wash your face- whichever comes first)... AND when you think you've run out, take off the little rubber thing on the inside of the bottle and VOILA like half the bottle was still in there!

what did you learn from MUT members that you never knew before?

you know like 3/4 of what i know now about makeup i learned from you guys.

now i go to places and like see people who are confused and then i offer them help with what all the words and phrases and finishes and all that mean.

I haven't even been here a month and I don't know where to begin. I've learned so much already and I still have a long way to go.

Ditto to how to remove rubber stuff from udpp

No more windshield wiper blending for me. Thanks for posting.

I learned a lot from everyone here at MUT!

I never knew about UDPP... until I came here.

Also like you said about the monistat soothing powder gel... I found out about it here. Although to me, it is a little bit greasier on my face than the smashbox primer. Maybe it's in my head, but I really think it feels greasier.

I found out about MAC msf's and fluidlines here. Had no clue what they were before... now I love them.

I learned a lot about makeup application. From highlighting my face... in the right places, to where to contour with bronzer if you choose to. I can't forget about blending eye shadow or proper mineral makeup application (applied wet in thais' eureka tutorial)... I could go on.

My makeup looks sooo much more awesome from being here.

the little rubber thing on your UDPP-

i took my tweezers and jammed them between the little rubber thing and the bottle, and then pulled it out!

DO NOT DO THIS WITH A NEW BOTTLE!!!! the little rubber thing is meant to "squeegee" your wand so you don't get extra stuff all over the place. do it when you think you are running out.

I learned that there were other MMU brands besides BE. I had no idea before joining here. Ditto on UDPP. The stuff is awesome. I'm still learning about eyeshadows and blending. I suck at it. Last but not least, I've learned that you can make friends online and there are great people here that really care about each other.

I learned about MAC here!


Wet application

UDPP...(even though it doesnt last forever on me)

Tendskin Home Recipe

How to apply fake eyelashes

How to apply e/s, and blend...but still learning this

I think the most important things I learned here were the concepts of primer and blending....

OMG! Where to begin??!! I knew sooo little when I joined here. UDPP of course. I learned about Milani being great makeup (especially e/s). I learned about MAC. Yup..I didn't know what MAC was before I joined mut. lol...

I learned you could get a gazillion mmu samples from a gazillion different companies for free except shipping!

I learned that women and some men from all over the WORLD love makeup!!

I could go on and on, but this post would be too long! LOL...

I found UDPP because of MuT. I love UDPP, it's the best!!

I learned how to blend eyeshadow. The blending was a fabulous thing to learn.

I also learned many things about MMU.

Thanks to everyone here on MuT!!!!

I've been to beauty school ( dropped out last 2 months cuz I was too broke as a student ) but didn't learn half as much as what I've learned on this site!


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