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Feb 15, 2012
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Hello all, I'm new to Makeup Talk and also to MMU. I'm having a problem selecting makeup for my ridiculously sensitive skin, and was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction.

Long story short is that I had mild to moderate acne all through high school, used proactiv which kept things slightly at bay, and as of last year began to remove BP from my regimen.

Idiotically, I stopped cold-turkey at first and my skin exploded. It's been an uphill battle since then, but I have noticed one thing: my skin is sensitive to just about EVERYTHING now... and just on my face where I used proactiv! Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but it makes finding makeup impossible. Liquid makeup creates deep cysts, and I have to use very mild shampoo because I've noticed this also gives my cystic acne depending on the brand. I have to be extremely careful with face wash and moisturizer.

The switch to MMU has decreased my cystic acne quite a bit, but I have noticed that it has been replaced by small little whiteheads under the skin that seem to get infected very easily, causing a strange looking acne rash on my cheeks and in hair follicle areas of my face. I've been trying to narrow down what exactly in the makeup is causing this reaction, but I know that it's the makeup and not anything else because I can feel (and see) them pop up while wearing it.

So far I've tried:


Cory Cosmetics
Physician's Formula (pressed mineral powder)

BE and Everyday Minerals I liked quite a bit at first, but then started getting this bumpy rash that got bad pretty quickly. At first I thought it might have been Mica that was making me break out, so I ordered the mica-free foundation samples from Cory. I broke out worse than any of the other foundations!

The one foundation that breaks me out least is Physician's Formula, which incidentally is a drug store makeup. I scoured the ingredients and matched everything up and noticed that titanium dioxide was farther down the list on PF than the other MMU brands. Could it be possible that I'm sensitive to titanium dioxide? Are there any brands out there that do not use it? I thought it was supposed to have good effects on skin!

I have oily skin and breakouts as well.  The two brands that haven't contributed to my problems are Palladio Wet/Dry Foundation and Monave Concealer Foundation.  The Palladio is a pressed foundation that covers well but doesn't have many shades.  The match isn't perfect for me.  The Monave Temporah shade is a close match, covers very well, but is a loose powder which I find messy and wasteful. 

Neither one makes me break out though.... so, i continue to buy both.

I've found that using Salicylic Acid every 5 or so days for a minute or two helps to keep my pores from clogging.  I HATE CYSTS!   I use 20% salicylic acid I get from amazon.. Sharon Marie Glycolic toner at 15 or 20% also helps.  I still use the BP though every night to kill bacteria.

Thanks! I'll give those a try. I did come across Maia's Mineral Galaxy and found that they do not have titanium dioxide, so I'll try that as well, to see if that is what causes irritation.. although I can't find many reviews on Maia's Mineral Galaxy products. The products use arrowroot or cornstarch, which I've heard can be pore clogging, so I'm a little wary.


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