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My second favorite mascara, behind Diorshow. =)

I have thick, straight lashes and it seperates them nicely.

But now I just use it on the bottom lashes. (Diorshow makes my bottom lashes too long, I just want the mascara to darken them.)

Define a lash? Yea..i bought them a few weeks ago..and I love them. They are easy to wear during the day...if you want some oomph..i wouldn't recommend these. They don't clump AT all..they are simply amazing and for the price that you get..hell i'll be buying more in the future!!

Love them!!

Hmm. I know I am looking for a less expensive way to achieve what my Givenchy can do, and perhaps a little more.

I may have to try this in the future. I just need thickness and a little length, then I'm good to go.

I have it and I find it similar to Maybelline Great Lash....just a different brush, the brush is one of those rubber ones, I didn't find it stiff enough....I like to get in there and wiggle the wand but I found it too flexible.....

short and sweet....this is not near the top of my list

I bought this mascara. It defines and separates the lashes but it doesn't volumize. I would buy it again because it doesn't clump and I like it for days when I want more natural looking lashes.

I have it and like it for a soft daytime look. It does define the lashes nicely but it is not very dramatic, if this is what you are looking for.


I just got this mascara 2 days ago at walmart. Except I got the Define-a-lash Volume it's in a pinkish purple tube. I really really like it!! I tried the one in the green but wasn't happy with it, but this one is AWESOME!!! Anyone else try the Volume one?

I got this a couple of months ago (the green one, not the pinky-purple one, didn't even know about that one yet) and really like it. I'm not much of a mascara user -- I almost always prefer a more natural look, and this did it for me: not a "no-mascara look," but it makes my lashes still look like MY lashes, just darker and longer. I like the brush, it really separated my lashes and eliminated almost all clumps (which I hate and are basically the reason I almost never wear mascara).

I have it and I love it! It seperates the lashes really well and it doesn't clump. It lengthens really well. I'm blessed with naturally long lashes but I love to make them look longer. The wand is kinda weird though. It's flexible. But I'm used to it now. The only negative is that they don't make a waterproof formula. Or it they do they didn't have any when I bought mine. That's why I'll keep using Great Lash Waterproof as well depending on my activity for that day. I have allergies and my eyes water throughout the day sometimes.

I tried it and its what i use for daytime. No clumps and the rubbery brush applies just enough to color full length of the lashes. I have to agree with the others...not for volume or a polished/glam look.

I saw it the new volume define a lash mascar the other day, and wanted to buy it! But no cash! I wonder if it works better than the define a lash in the green tube. I have that one, but really want to try the new one!