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Dec 27, 2006
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i have been using sephora's $10 gloss and i found that my lips were not glossy/shiny at all they were sticky icky.. this was the same problem i had with the mac gloss. Anyone know of a a shiny/glossy gloss thats not sticky?

Yes! Smashbox. I use their sheer lipgloss in Evolve (peach color) and i have tried EVERYTHING. This is not sticky at all. I will definately be buying again once i'm out and offers free shipping on anything which is great if there's not a counter near you. Good luck!

My fav is prescriptives moon beam reflective gloss, its so shiney and pretty and when I would go check the mirror to reapply, I didnt even need to, it lasted so long.

Try MAC Lustreglass, it's not sticky and the applicator is a brush. Also, Chanel Glossimer, it's gel based and water resistant.

i disagree a bit about MAC lustreglass, the wind can make your hair stick to it !

revlon superlustrous and loreal colorjuice's are also really nice-sheer, shiny, juicy color, also smell and taste pretty good for lipgloss

chose Dior gloss !! This is the best i think , don't use Sephora or other thing , it's note very good ...

If lip gloss isn't sticky, how long will it last? My 2 lip glosses are sticky, I admit, but I think they last. I might give that Revlon a try after I'm done with my 2 current ones.


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