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Oct 22, 2003
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Huntington Beach, CA
Earth is going to blow up tomorrow. I can't get you to another planet, but I CAN let you and your family use my time machine to go back in time to any era and place of your choosing.

Where should I drop you guys off?

lol. hmmm. i think i would go back to the 70s. lol. the partying and all of that. i love computers too much, so i would need to be here when they arrive.

i can't go that far back. i couldn't handle pooping in a bowl or in a hole.

now, if i was royalty or something, then i would go back further to when there were kings and queens and all of that. lol

50's! It looks fun.

Gotta be the 60's baby! Right here in the US...or maybe the UK, "swinging London" and all that!

I would go back to the time when I lived in Pittsburgh, PA. That is the only time in my life when I have been truly happy. (sigh)

Originally Posted by Charmaine I don't really know what decade or year this is, but I want to go back to the time when women dressed like ladies and the women really dressed up. Kind of like the setting in The Notebook. Oh yeah, minus the corset part - ouch! Ditto! I loved the clothing and hairstyles and makeup in this classy!Have to agree with Liz on the royalty part...I would use a gold-gilded outhouse if I was royalty in the 1700s!

The Roaring 20's (cute shoes!!)

or Islamic Spain (a renaissance in itself, great weather and great food)

Definitely the late 50's - 60's NYC. I love watching movies that take place in those times. The clothing, way of life, the way they spoke and carried themselves. All the glamour...think Down With Love (the movie) or the movie The Apartment. Loved both....!

i would really love to go back to the 18 century. but, i'd have to choose the 1970's.

Medieval sounds so exciting right now but I would need to have access to luxury

Originally Posted by Jennifer cool thread!
i'd love to go to medieval times OR to the 50s.

I'd go back to the early 80's before my dad died and do some things differently. I also had a great time in the early 80s!

i hear you and i feel you kim! life was fun back then, wasn't it?!

Originally Posted by Naturally OHHHHH ...hard question! As much as I'd LOVE to go back to the Rennaisance periods ...I'd be burned at the stake for my beliefs/practices I'll go back to when I remember things being fun ..the 70's. Gas was cheap ..oh yeah! I remember paying .75 cents a gallon back then ..oh yeah! In my MG Midget was FUN!
I would have to choose the Rennaisance but only if I was royalty.
If not then hmmm the 60's.

hmmmmmmm. 20s or 40s. but id love to be a princess somewhere. or the 60's. RAWR!


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