They say Retin-A is good for hereditary dark circle treat. Is this true? forums

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Nov 19, 2012
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im a man.. and i have terrible dark circles on my eyelids that follow to my under eyes that are hereditary so natural this and that wont work on me because what i have i call a disease and.. makes me wanna kill myself if i dont find a cure for these dark circles sooner or later... i do use concealers like a AIDS patient uses medication everyday to stay alive.. I need help from anyone that is willing to direct me to a solution .. thank you
I have not heard that before. I have dark circles, and retin-a did nothing for them. I had to keep it out of the eye area, because it can really irritate the delicate skin around there.

Allergies can cause dark circles, so you might consider seeing if there is something contributing to your dark circles.

Unfortunately hereditary dark circles cannot be fixed with retin a! It will however improve the appearance because on top of the hereditary darkness you will still get a bit if darkness there from tiredness or dehydration just like everybody else. I'm sure there will eventually b e something. My cousin is a dermatologist and I am constantly picking is brain for info and advice! What would be ideal is collagen injections under the eyes... But it's not available yet! Retin aldehyde is the ideal treatment for it (its a derivative if retinol but much gentler and works faster because the molecules are much smaller so they penetrate faster and work quicker).


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