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May 25, 2006
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But Im so excitied!

Im getting 4 bags of minerals from sweetscents (I already have 2 bags)

this big


MAC 2 jars of pigment 2 e/s from MUT users ( already have 2) and Chromeliiving lipgloss

to add to my 100+ Mineral samplers jars from Taylor Made

and 75 samples jar of MAC Pigments 5 more comming (rushmetal collection)

This is an addiction I fear fun one though

its eyeshadow .. well lol i didnt mean to order huge amount .. they only sell 1 oz and had no idea how much an ounce was in pigmment

im gettin 4 more of them lol..

ooooooo!! thats a gorgeous color! there are worse things you could be spending your money on. like drugs. at least you have something to show for your addiction

that is a pretty color. I too got into the pigment sample frenzy at one point. It was too fun getting the package and seeing what colors I had forgotten I ordered.

That is soo much shadow. It is a beautiful color and I want to see pics of you wearing it.

That bag will last you 4ever.

I just had a huge mac haul (will post later) But I also love getting new stuff.