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Nov 15, 2006
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I would have just posted this in a blog, buttttt i wanted it to be read.

I'm taking a MUT break... I don't know for how long but, it's a well needed break. I'm overly addicted to this site.

Talk to you all whenever.

Well, good luck with whatever you'll be doing and we'll all be here for when you want to come back.

Best of luck while you're gone, and know you'll be missed! Take care, and definitely do come back!

Aw, Jess.

Should be for the best then. I think we all MUTers got to go thru a time of withdrawals.

It's an addiction like any other. Haha.

Seeya Jess, i know the feeling, been there not long ago, hope you have lots of fun doing whatever you want to do
sometimes a break from something is really needed, i hear ya!



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