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Dec 6, 2012
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What is the longest you have went without shaving your legs? I know a friend of mine that has tried a couple of times to see how long she can make it without shaving. Only in the winter though lol just wanted to see if any other girls have.tried this and how long did you make it?

Oh man this question is like coming out for me haha if I answer this it will go on my record permanently!

Well then, I think I went a whole month once? It was obviously in the winter and I was a being a lonely foul bachelorette frog with no interest in any sort of romantic relationship. Getting rid of that forest felt really good and I've never pulled a stunt like this again. Right now the longest I go without shaving is 3 days maximum, or 4 weeks after waxing.


Hey stop talking about my legs! They look like Christmas trees right now I think. I have spared the world the hideousness by keeping pants on though. I will be forced to shave for Christmas so I can wear my pretty dress. If I don't, small children might start trying to hang Christmas balls off my leg hairs.

In all honesty, I think I went like 6 weeks once right around the time I had one of my kids. I couldn't reach my legs for the last two weeks of the pregnancy and then I just didn't care after. It's really hard to care a lot after childbirth.

I only shave my legs if I'm going to wear a dress or shorts or whatever, and that's not too often, haha. I need to shave my legs today or tomorrow because I have a dress to wear on Christmas and I'm almost 8 months pregnant so it's not going to be fun. Then in a few weeks I'll probably start trying to shave every couple of days or so so I don't end up going into labor with hairy legs. Not that anyone will be focusing on my legs, but you know

I can only go two days with out shaving my legs, it bothers me knowing I have a mini forest growing on my legs

As long as you are not like the girls on the movie without a paddle you are ok. I have an aunt that never shaves her legs. She also looks like willie nelson so i guess its ok lol

sadly the bf doesn't let me without shaving for too long, but my skin is sensitive so I do it once a week...I'm in a long distance relationship, so unless I'm going to the beach in my country(Costa Rica awesome beaches XP ) I won't shave cuz well...I won't have the bf with me...he is one evil mofo though, doesn't let me slack and not shave...I rather waxing than shaving, but I don't have my waxing lady here in NY, she's back in my country so I can't wax the way I like :'( when I don't shave my hair is really thin and I'm glad to say I have patches were hair doesn't grow anymore :D /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> so waxing is somehow working yay!

I went 8 weeks while in Navy boot camp.  No one there to impress and group showers.  I shaved at the very end when we got to go to town for free time.  We also got our hair and makeup stuff back that weekend.  I was pretty hairy, but it was winter so know one rally noticed.

I have gone a month or so?My leg hair is sparse and super soft lol. Besides, it was cold in winter and no one was seeing them!

i wish i had fine hair :/ i have thick black coarse hair and to top it off my legs are super white.  I went a month without shaving but i didnt go out or wear anything else but sweats and jeans, i did shave for christmas since i was going to wear a dress but shaving is so boring for me lol

I have gone a couple of months. No shame here LOL. I almost never wear shorts or skirts or dresses, and it doesn't slow the hubby down at all soooo ... LMAO!!

I've actually not ever really worn skirts or anything that shows my legs. One leg was burned pretty bad when I was a baby, and I have a scar that runs from my butt cheek to almost my ankle on one leg. It's not a weird texture or super obvious, but you can see it and I have always been very self conscious about it.

Originally Posted by mreese1849 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
As long as you are not like the girls on the movie without a paddle you are ok. I have an aunt that never shaves her legs. She also looks like willie nelson so i guess its ok lol
Just choked on my drink laughing... that's a lovely mental picture you paint there hahaha


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