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Aug 16, 2012
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So I was in a NYC Sephora this Friday, wandering around aimlessly as I tend to do sometimes when I'm in an actual store, and this really sweet make-up artist pulled me aside and introduced me to Cover | FX:

He told me it was started by a dermatologist (lol don't trust them) and a vegan brand, which I'm definitely interested in because I have very sensitive skin and the less irritants in it the better. He tried to match me to a colour, but when I took the sample home and tried it on myself though it wasn't right. 
 This always happens to me because my skin colour is really weird and the last couple of times I've tried to get stuff (either in samples or full-sizes which I've returned) it always turns out to be too orange for me, and he was definitely closer than people have been in the recent past. He gave me an M30, and I do think I'd be too dark for M20 but they don't have an M25 right now... sob...

I did think it was an interesting product though, but I'm just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with Cover | FX? If you do or don't, are there any other vegan or natural face make up brands you'd recommend, especially that's close to full-coverage and for people with sensitive skin? I also prefer liquid foundation over powder or creme. Also with a wide selection of colours, please, rather than just "fair, light, medium, olive, dark" XD;; I had a good experience with Origins so I might go with them again. The concealer I have (so old, need to throw out and get a new one) matched me pretty well.

I have never tried this product, however I do know how to cut the orange ton in any foundation.

I mix an illuminator in to the foundation and the only one I use to cut the orange is by CLASSIFED cosmetics the color is platinum.

It has never let me down and the results always make me happy.


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