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Mar 5, 2005
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I was just wondering....

All of you girls that have these extreme amount of make up, when are you supposed to throw it out? I mean how long before it gets old? I recently heard that an eyeshadow is only good for about 1 year if you have opened it!! Hey that´s gonna get really expensive! Not to talk about everything else....

So when do makeup go bad?

Do you toss all your eyeshadows out after a year and buy new ones? And if so, how on earth can you afford it?


Ok well i don't & won't be throwing away any eyeshadows that are over a year old! Mascara is the main thing that i make sure to toss away every 3/4 months as bacteria really builds up on that. The rest of the girls might have more to say about this coz i'm sure there was thread on it before! But don't worry, i defo don't think there's a need to throw an e/s away after 1 year!

yeah, mascara is what i throw out. either cause i run out or it gets dried out.

i also throw out old moisturizers and stuff like that that i haven't used in a long time. but i won't throw out my makeup. that's a whole lotta $$$$!

Yeah I agree w/ the rest of the girls... mascara is the main one to check for a time limit - and pretty much anything that seems to have "turned"... has a different color to it, different consistency - you'll usually know when things are TOO old to be using... but I still have e/s that are over a year old - for sure! They are in the cases in my train case or in a makeup bag... so I think they're fine.
ITA with you on the pigments naturally! First of all I'm so addicted to the MAC pigments that I buy the full size containers. And I use them a lot, probably more than the average makeup addict, and I'm always doing my friends makeup too. But there is no way that my pigments would be used up within 1 year. It cost me way too much money for my prized MAC. I will guarantee that it will still be good after 1 year!

The only thing I toss on a regular basis is mascara. I toss that religiously every 3 months.

Other things I will only toss if they turn - creamy products like gel liners, lipgloss, and lipstick I keep an eye on, because they seem to go bad a lot faster than my powder products. My powder products I will keep forever, as they never seem to go bad!

the only thing i throw out with regularity is mascara. the only thing i throw away because it gets gross is brow gel. a clear tube combined with tiny tiny air bubbles makes for a yucky cloudy looking tube. i throw it away about every 3 months.

i dont use liquid foundations so im good there, and i use up skin care before it could go bad.

as for powder products like blush and e/s, ive never thrown one away because it was too old. as long as you keep the surface free of skin oils and clean and dry, they last pretty much forever. theres no way i would throw one away after a year or two.

i get tired of pencils before they go bad or get used up. they say that they last for a year. the oldest liner i have is about 2 years old and im close to throwing it out because i found one that i like better. it hasnt gotten hard or rancid or anything like that.

i have some lipglasses that are nearly past their prime. they dont stink or separate yet, but theyre getting thick. ive only ever tossed a few lipsticks.

im fanatic about keeping my makeup clean. ill set aside an hour or so and clean everything inside and out with alcohol while i watch tv. i clean out and alcohol wipe my train case drawers and stuff like that.

The only items I'm adamant about tossing are mascara & liquid liners. I don't want to risk any chance of bacteria or worse an eye infection. I toss mascara after 2 or 3 months & liquid liner after 3-4 months (w/the exception of my NARS liners).

As far as foundation goes, I've never finished a bottle
so I can't say, but once it begins to separate & won't return to "normal" after a good shake, it's gone.