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Apr 12, 2006
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well here lately i have been eating ALOT! and i just feel ugly and fat..

i want to diet.. BUT I JUST CANT stop eating.. my stomach is getting biger i feel heaver.. well i have a confession and i dont feel to happy about

i made myself throw up today after eating.. why am i eating like this.. all i want is food.. is there anyone out there that has been in my shoes.. what should i do.. i dont want to throw my food up.. but i feel so guilty after eating.... i dont want to become someone who throws up all the time..


i feel the same way, i always say i'm not gonna eat this or that and i just ignore that little voice and end up eating crappy food and eating like a pig, sometimes i see anorexic girls and think how do they do it? like how do you even get to that stage? i'm anorexia envoius! seriously i hate it too, i hate it because i feel like i have no control, and when its close to my period...FORGET IT!!! i'll eat EVERYTHING in sight! it sux!!

yeah im about 3 days from my period and here i am SCARFING DOWN food. i should be full after eating a meall.. i will eat till i almost throw up.. but now when i eat.. anything.. i feel sick.. just been this month.. so i dunno maybe im preg.. or maybe my self conscious knows how i feel.. that i feel ugly and fat... and i shouldnt have eaten that i have tried diets. yeah .. ok.. cant do that when i want something i wasnt to eat it.. like steak and pasta's i see girls saying im in the zone and wont eat it im like y our crazy.. but.. shortly after i eat im going.. god im so fat.. my freshman year i weighed 101

last year i weighed 130

i now weigh 145

and not only do my boobs stop me from wearing cute tops.. so does my belly and love handels

I know how you feel, Missy. I've been there, girlie.

What helps me is doing something else totally different and away from food to distract myself. Try eating slowly and really chewing your food and tasting it. I noticed that I ate so fast that my stomach felt full, but I wasn't so satisfied, and so that's why I keep eating. Then after eating your full meal, try not to get seconds right away. Wait a little and you should start feeling the fullness settle in. Try doing something else while you wait for this feeling of fullness...get online, watch TV, pet the dog...something. It is freakin hard to avoid cravings, especially when we're on our period! Like right now, I'm bloated like no other and I've got killer cramps...LOL. Do something to pamper yourself and treat yourself. It'll make you feel better. Buy some makeup, go shopping, or get your hair done...something, anything that can get you out of that mindset that you're "ugly and fat" because girl--- you're not! It's going to take a lot of will power, but you can do it if you set your mind to it. Be strong, girl! HTH and keep us posted.


the thing that help me stop eating is doing sports when ever u feel like u are going to over eat go out for some jogging good luck!!!

Start dancing and increase the amount of walks you take. You dont have to be working out to be working out. Little things count. But dance a lot. If possible, buy one of those "how to be a stripper" tapes. Its ridiculous but I stopped going to the gym 1 year ago. I eat like a man (3 healthy portions of meals minus snacks). But I dance a lot and I walk everywhere.


do you have one of those tapes? which one? i hate to throw up and just got fat instead. the weight can be taken off but teeth are harder and more expensive to replace.

i keep thinking dancing would be a great way to get rid of it and i like the idea of the sexy stripper moves...

I was bulimic in high school. It came from a very poor self image and a traumatic childhood. I hated my body and had a distorted image of what I really looked like. If I was stressed, food was my drug then I would feel fat and bloated and throw up until my stomache and throat ached. It took me years to stop and I still from time to time get the urge but have learned other ways to deal.

Is there any way you could see a counsellor or talk to your Doctor? Dont be ashamed. It happens to more girls than we even know. Just talking with a professional or finding an online support group is a great start.

Please feel free to private message me if I can give you any more advice or support =)


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