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Feb 12, 2005
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Spending thirty minutes alone, relaxing in the bathtub is a rare luxury for us. There’s always one person or another knocking on the door asking if we know where they left their iPod, wanting help with figuring out the settings on the toaster oven, or the real emergency—WHERE IS THE TIVO REMOTE? QUICK! House is going to record over Hannah Montana!

When we do have a moment of peace in the tub, we like to make it the best experience possible with candles, music, and every luxury bath product we can get our hands on. Lately, our favorite bath-time treat is Thymes Wild Ginger Foaming Bath Powder Envelope. The milky powder foams into bubbles with an incredible ginger, cucumber, and Tahitian lime scent.

There’s also the Wild Ginger Body Wash which hydrates with honey and soothes with organic red clover, while enveloping us in the same great scent.

With the Foaming Bath Powder Envelope priced at $6 and the Wild Ginger Body Wash at $19, these are bath items we can’t do withoout.



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