Tightening serum for undereyes?

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Apr 21, 2007
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So I know the questions has been asked 1000 times "how can I cover up my dark circles" but that's not really my question. The bags under my eyes are genetic, kinda sallow like, and nothing really covers them. I use benefit concealer it's the best thing i've found but it doesn't cover perfectly. It really bugs me. I notice that if i gently pull the skin under my eyes back they disappear. I've seen lots of "facelift" serums that claim to lift and tighten the skin. I was wondering if anyone would know of that would be safe to put under the eyes that would actually do what I'm wanting??? Probably a long shot.

Botox?? lol thanks guys.

I'm right there with ya' Kaylin! My circles and bags are genetic and age related. I really have't found an eye cream I'd call my HG. I've heard a couple from Avon are good. The one with the cream in one side ad gel in the other, and the other was the Anew Intensive I think. hth


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