Tila Tequila: Hot or Soo Not?

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Jun 11, 2005
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Here's Tila Tequila best known as myspace hoochie and MTV Reality TV star. I just need to know what is up with the camel toe highwaisted overalls??? Just because you have the body to wear something, doesn't mean you should...ever. Sooo Not Hot!
Originally Posted by luxotika /img/forum/go_quote.gif I personally love camel toe. It is soooo classy. LMAO!!!!
i hate this little...meh..not hot. she pisses me off. Why is she famous?!? WHY?!?! what is the world coming to?!?1 talentless people are turning into stars. I am going to start flashing some vagh just to see how famous i will get

I personally think it's cute little outfit, and she has the body to wear it, so why not?

uhhmm.. I normally hate overalls.. but i actually think that one is kinda cute.. i just wish it would cover her whole butt..


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