Timmy/Shimmy scandal?

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Oh you're missing out then
Its actually really interesting.

Here's the story: Crazy Days and Nights: The Life And Times Of Timmy

He's gonna announce who it is next week

I have been reading this since day 1 but im now bored and Im waiting for the reveal. The people on over there have been doing major research but they have been rehashing the same names. I cant wait for wednesday!

I freaked when they said Judy Holliday could be a man because that woman was beautiful!

I guess I am a little confused??

I know the James Bond movie "for your eyes only" had a transexual in it... and Roger Moore a.k.a James Bond kissed "her" (which was really a he to start with)


Checked out the link--

Ahhh, okay I get it. Nevermind

Originally Posted by Battygurl /img/forum/go_quote.gif No pics? there cant be pics because he hasnt revealed who it is yet, its a blind item.

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