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Jun 1, 2007
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The new mini-series on the Scifi channel - Tin Man, starts tonight at 9pm (and at 11pm and at 1am) and runs for 3 days...


looks really good... I'm setting my dvd recorder right now... It's the new Wizard of Oz.....


It does look like it'll be good! When I first saw the commercial, I was like, "Um, okay!" But then I read a blurb on it on Yahoo, and saw more commercials. Now, I can say it has me curious.

I watched "The Magic of the Tinman" this morning and the CG graphics are really cool.. Most of the scenes sere shot on a total green set.

I didn't get to watch part one last night because of the Steelers game being late but I recorded it on dvd.. (priorities! Lol). And tonight is the season finallee of Heros and MNF!!. So I'll record all 3 parts and we can watch it over the holidays..

If you missed it you can still see part one at 7pm eastern tonight before they aire part two at 9...

i only caught one part last night, so i think i'll watch all three parts tonight!


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